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Jack Harer plays!


upcoming shows :

Venue Date Bands Info
Transit Union Hall (beside Dr. Disc) June 24/99' Job Well \Done, Wallowstarr, Empathize, Holy Joe, Sub-D Tickets: $6

Doors: 7pm 

Contrary to what the "tour" indicates we have played hundreds of shows since June 24 1999. Around this time is when things slowed down and many obstacles were thrown at us up until about January 2000. From June to then we probably played about 3 or 4 shows going through two drummers and a new singer. Since January we've bounced back and have played Thousands of shows at Dante's Music Lounge in Hamilton ( with awesome bands, The Fangs, Malice). We also played with a band that we all love, Shallow North Dakota. So look for us in local music listings and posters throughout hamilton and your town soon!

Coming soon:

June 30th 2000, Dante's Music Lounge
-Jack Harer
-The Rubber Snakes

July 15 2000, Dante's Music Lounge
-Jack Harer


  If u are interested in having us play at an upcoming show, we would be more than willing. Just email us and we shall get back to u as soon as possible.