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News Flash! Missing Child Report! Please Read!


   June 11/00'

    Hello cyber dorks! Rocco the sex machine here tellin' ya wuzzzzzzzup with the rock band. It seems as though nothing has been said in months. Well guess what, we've come back to kick more ass! Or die tryin'. We have a new singer named Elian Gonzalez, ( or Andrew McLean as he likes to be called ) and a new drummer, Keely Mimmnagh. We have actually started to play shows again too. And guess what we have new songs as well. Yep we really got our shit together now! Weeeeeeeeee! So now we're playing millions of shows at Dante's and several strip clubs throughout the Hamilton area! We play alot with some of Hamilton's well known bands such as: Malice, Snoozer, Job Well Done, Marvin K. Mooney and many many many many many many many many many many more! More on the situation as it develops.

tshirt.jpgOfficial Jack Harer T-shirts! Look for them at their shows or contact one of the members of the band for details! Click for larger image.

   June 26/99'

    Thanks to everyone who attended the shows on the 23 and 24!  It was awesome.  Everything went relatively smooth and we had a blast! Thanks to the dudes in Empathize for showing us a good time and putting it all together. 

    In other news we hope to be recording in the near future, so watch out!


   June 14/99'

   Pics have now been added! Check them out!

   May 9/99'

    Sorry I havn't got around to updating the site, but i've been trying to get some pics scanned.  I still havn't got the pics scanned but we played some shows so I figured there just might be some stories to tell. 

    April 10/99'.  Jack Harer rocked the Bowl-o-Drome.  This show was awesome!  With our good friends from Millhouse and Sub-D, we played our first REAL show.  All the bands were awesome, the whole night was awesome (with the exception of a fight). Thanks to everyone who made it possible. 

    Our show on May 7 didn't quite go as smoothly.  I don't think we played that good (me being too fucked).  Although we stilled rocked as hard as humanly possible!  Apparently we also made enemies that night.  All i'm gonna say about that is we just wanted to play.  We were told a time to play and that's when we wanted to play. We did not want to get fucked around. So if any band got screwed and took it personnally then FUCK THEM!

    In other news, we hoped to have a tape out soon. So be ready! 


March 28/99'

    Jack Harer has played their first show!  March 18/99'.  It was awesome!  Our singer Kyle had a party and it fucking rocked!  Long-time friends Subdominant made an on-stage appearance (unfortunately Brain was busy making food at Arby's), which only made the night that much more rockn'. 

    A small contingent of 30 or so friends watched on as Jack Harer unleashed their own brand of "party rock" on the world.  We can't wait to play more shows! 

    We're still in process of writing more tunes but by the summer we hope to have a tape out. So stay tuned!  


    March 5/99'

    After months without a drummer or singer Jack Harer was nothing but three guys smoking dope and playing guitar.  Until now.  With the newly acquired TJ keeping the beats and Kyle belting his soul out as the frontman, Jack Harer finally stands complete and ready to rock.  Where our journey takes we just don't know.

So far the boys have been hard at work writing and rehersing for their upcoming show.   The songs that have emerged so far have a most definite party rock feel that is so lacking in todays music.   " We just wanna rock fucking hard!!".  This statement summarizes Jack Harer to the T.

As far as this site is concerned we plan on getting some more pics of the band doing what Jack Harer does best.  Hopefully we'll be able to get some mp3's together once we get a good recording done, but patience will be needed in this area.   The Bio section will also be updated in the following weeks.   Fuck man, the whole site is gonna be updated soon.  So stay tuned for more exiciting shit!!