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Name: Andrew McLean
Position: Vocals
Former Bands: Physically Censored
Interests: Skateboarding, snowboarding, guitar playing
Favourite Bands/Influences: Pearl Jam, Led Zepplin, Bad Radio, Beastie Boys
Goal: To build my own house.

Name: Marco "Rocco" Bressette
Positions: Guitar
Former Bands: Gidian, The P.F. Flyerz, Basic 112, The Fuzz, Atress Mass
Hobbies: Listening/Writing various types of music, skateboarding, pumping iron, and some finer recreational activities such as pool and golf.
Influences/Favorite Bands: Sonic Youth, Tom Waits, Lou Reed/Velvet Underground, Fu Manchu, Corrosion of Conformity, Mother Love Bone, Pantera, Rolling Stones, Sebadoh, Slayer, Pavement, Public Enemy, Rage Against the Machine, The Residents, Primus, Mogwai, G. Love and Special Sauce, Body Count, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Black Flag, Danzig, Buckethead, Archers of Loaf, Daniel Johnson, That Dog., Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, Ani Difranco

Name: Jeremy Fleming aka Joey Fate
Position: Bass
Former Bands: Kibble, Sombernil, Subdominant
Interests: Enjoying reading, rocking and pumping iron baby! Has a cat named Pedro. Likes wearing tight jeans. Has a strong dislike for Korn and their fans. Also, has strong dislike for Soarize and their fan.
Favorite Bands/Influences: At this point he is addicted to Cannibal Corpse, so be careful. Other bands that kick serious ass are Fu Manchu, Mother Love Bone, Pantera, Snoozer and Malice.
Favorite Saying: "Let's carve some butter."

Name: Keely Maureen Mimnagh
Position: Drums
Former Bands: Fink, Falastic, The P.F. Flyerz
Interests: Piano, Trumpet, Guitar, volunteer at Grant Avenue Recording Studio
Influences/Favorite Bands: Tori Amos, Jane's Addiction, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Doors, King Crimson, Tool, or anything between 1960-1979.
Pet Peeves: Bands that play trendy 4 year old music.



    Jack Harer was created in the minds of Jerry and Bill. What begun as a simple idea to make good, quality music soon exploded into the phenomenon known as Jack Harer. Formed in 1998 by Jerry and Bill they soon aquired the amazing talents of Rocco, Kyle and "beat masta" TJ.

    Soon after, the drums were replaced by a drum machine wich lasted about a week. that really didn't happen. We then had the fortune of being graced with the presence of Mr. Mike Keire. During these months the band went into a period of drugs and alcohol which lead to the worst show yet. We travelled to worlds beyond our wildest dreams. All that thanks to illegal substances. Anywho, Shortly after our new frontman Andrew joined us along with our new drummer girl Keely. Since January 2000 we've been playing longer and harder than before.


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Points of Interests


  • Rocco also plays in the PF  Flyerz, an on request type band.  Pretty cool.

  • Bill and Jerry both began there music careers in Subdominant, Bill leaving around 96' and Jerry 98'.

  • After Sub-D Bill joined the Speed/Death/Party Metal band REALM.

  • Rocco left the Fuzz in late 98'.

  • Bill likes cheese. ummm


More to come!